Mastering Budgets in Project-Based Organizations: Key Decisions That Define Your Financial Path

ARTICLE — Many companies and industries function on a project-to-project basis—financial diligence becomes the bedrock of success. A paramount concern is how an organization manages its spend and straying off track can be financially disastrous. Budgetary control can guide a project to prosperity.

Navigating Potential Economic Recessions

ARTICLE — For Financial Planning Leaders and Administrators (FPL&A), mitigating the effects of economic downturns is crucial to the longevity of their organization. Predictive models suggest significant challenges and impacts on budgeting and financial planning; automated budgetary control software offers solutions.

2023 Top Technology Challenges Facing Grants Administrators

ARTICLE — In 2023, grant administrators face many technology challenges. These challenges include the need to move to the cloud, meet the demands to become more digital, improve data security, integration with multiple systems, need accurate real-time data, and ability to manage more data.