Embracing the Future: How Non-Profits Can Revolutionize Grant Management with Automation

By: Rich Uphus | January 9, 2024

ARTICLE  — In the ever-evolving world of non-profit organizations, the management of grants can often become a labyrinthine task, especially as an organization grows. The traditional methods involving laborious manual tasks drain valuable time and increase the risks of non-compliance and inefficiency. Integrating PyanGo’s Automated Grant Management solution with NetSuite ERP – the world’s leading ERP – becomes not just an option but a necessity for progressive non-profits.

The Dire Need for Automation in Grant Management
Managing grants isn’t easy. Non-profit organizations, focused on their core missions, are bogged down by administrative tasks. The repercussions of ineffective grant management processes are not just about inefficiency; they carry significant compliance risks. As Mike Canniff, CEO of PyanGo, aptly puts it, “Combining PyanGo with NetSuite can transform the grant management process for growing non-profits, ensuring efficient management and compliance at every stage.”

Five Signs Your Non-Profit Needs Automation

  1. Excessive Manual Tasks: If your team is inundated with tasks like double keying, chasing information, manual calculations, and report generation, it’s a clear sign to switch gears. Such repetitive tasks, prone to errors, necessitate additional staffing and training, escalating operational costs.
  2. Long Turnaround Times: Manual processes invariably lead to delays, straining donor relationships and opening doors to compliance violations.
  3. Onerous Reporting: The challenge of reporting on grant statuses becomes Herculean with manual processes, often leading to inaccuracies and compliance issues.
  4. Poor Visibility: Dependence on spreadsheets and disjointed tools hampers the ability to have a consolidated view of grants, affecting decision-making and collaboration.
  5. Risky Processes: The traditional manual and semi-automated processes, especially in remote working scenarios, heighten the risk of non-compliance and inefficiency.

The Impact of Inefficiency: A Statistical View

  • A TechSoup survey reveals that 77% of non-profits find their grant management processes time-consuming.
  • Automating cost reimbursements with the calculation of fringe benefits, indirect costs, and direct expenses
  • Idealware reports that manual processes can hike operational costs by 40%.
  • Non-profit Tech for Good indicates that 63% of non-profits struggle to see grant revenues and expenses.

PyanGo and NetSuite: A Synergistic Solution
When a non-profit organization combines PyanGo’s Automated Grant Management solution with NetSuite ERP, it achieves unparalleled visibility across the grant lifecycle. This integration maximizes the NetSuite investment by:

  • Providing real-time visibility into grant revenues, expenses, and other critical details.
  • Automating cost reimbursements with the calculation of fringe benefits, indirect costs, and direct expenses
  • Recognizing revenue and donor invoicing on schedule
  • Ensuring compliance in grant expenses and managing indirect costs.
  • Streamlining the grant management process, from matching grants to revenues to generating sub-award grants.

This seamless integration mitigates the risk of non-compliance, significantly reduces operational costs, and enhances organizational efficiency.

The Transformative Power of Automation
The fusion of PyanGo’s solution with NetSuite empowers non-profits to overcome the limitations of traditional grant management. Organizations can focus more on their mission-critical objectives by automating the process rather than being ensnared in administrative complexities. The real-time data and analytics this integration enables better decision-making and strategic planning, essential for the growth and sustainability of non-profits.

For non-profits grappling with grant management challenges, integrating PyanGo’s Automated Grant Management solution with NetSuite ERP isn’t just a step towards modernization; it’s a leap towards transformation. As they embrace this change, they streamline their operations and reinforce their commitment to their core mission, making a more significant impact in the world.

Going Forward
The automation of grant management through PyanGo and NetSuite is not just a technological upgrade; it’s a strategic necessity for non-profits aiming to grow and make a lasting impact. As they navigate the complexities of grant management, this integration stands as a beacon of efficiency, compliance, and operational excellence.

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