PyanGo Advanced Fund Accounting for NetSuite

Demonstrate Accountability and Stewardship
PyanGo’s Fund Accounting for NetSuite is an application that divides resources into categories to identify the source and use of a fund. It allows customers to generate financial statements by various dimensions, such as the Statement of Financial Position. Your balance sheet can reflect multiple segments’ retained earnings or net asset position. A rule-driven engine generates self-balanced accounting entries leveraging NetSuite SuiteGL functionality.
Tackle Multiple Challenges Facing Today’s NonProfits with One Solution
  • Gain real-time visibility to easily keep track of fund balances
  • Manage and track funds
  • Real-time reporting and visibility to stakeholders
  • NetSuite SuiteGL capability with custom segment and transaction support
  • View balance sheets by multiple dimensions, such as Grant, Project, Program, Cost Center or a combination of dimensions
Automated Self Balancing
Eliminate posting errors
  • Automate transaction posting for balanced fund accounts for increased productivity
  • Balance financial statements by fund
  • Funds include financial accounts, including assets, liabilities, revenues and expense accounts
  • Account balances contained within each fund add up to zero and balance each other out.
Infinite GL Dimensions
Increase Accounting Flexibility by Choosing Your Balancing Segment
  • Select any GL dimension such as award, project, program or a combination
  • Multiple balancing segments are supported for maximum flexibility
Release Funds
Manage Multiple Funds
  • Avoid manual balance transfer errors with automated balance transferring
  • Release restricted funds when you need them to pay for expenses
  • Automate balance transfer on a real time basis (as expenses are incurred) or on a scheduled timeframe (such as monthly)
  • Move funds between restricted and unrestricted categories
PyanGo Advanced Fund Accounting
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