Software companies incur a wide variety of expenses, ranging from payroll to online cloud services. Payroll tends to be the most significant budget impact – especially when payroll is charged to specific projects or development efforts. PyanGo keeps these expenses in line with Budgetary Control.

Cloud services, booked in advance with annual subscriptions, are easily budgeted and accounted for in PyanGo. PyanGo Automated Budget Control supports amortizing these expenses over monthly or quarterly periods to spread out the budget impacts.

As part of the funding cycle, most investors demand visibility to ensure their investments are spent wisely; PyanGo Automated Budget Control provides evidence that spending is under control. Robust budget-to-actual reports provide insight into which cost centers, projects, or locations are running over budget.

For software consulting firms, solution consultants may need to travel to multiple international destinations. PyanGo Travel Advance can track cash given to employees in various currencies. These advances are reconciled against expense reports, which are then budget checked upon submission.

PyanGo insures against charging customers for expenses incurred after the project end date. As projects are completed, PyanGo Automated Budget Control verifies transaction dates against the project start and end dates.


  • Avoids budget overruns by capturing all budget line expenses.
  • Easily determines project profitability and ensures you stay in line with profit margins.
  • Ensures that projects are not charged after the end date.
  • Streamlines travel advances to consultants going abroad.
  • Establishes the controls necessary for an IPO.
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