PyanGo SubAward Management for NetSuite

An application that provides the financial tools to manage subaward and pass-through grants.
Allocate and Monitor Awards to Outside Organizations
PyanGo’s SubAward Management for NetSuite provides the necessary financial tools to manage subaward and pass-through grants. It enables organizations to allocate a portion of their grant award to an outside individual or an organization. It helps nonprofit organizations accurately monitor the progress of initiatives and allows for an easy roll-up of sub-award expenses to the primary (inbound) grant award.
Manage All SubAward Details
  • Apply milestones, terms and conditions, and specify budgets for pass through grants
  • Link outbound grants to fund sources, programs, initiatives, and projects
  • Allocate spending percentages
  • Make payments to grantees
  • Record expense report data
Reduce Your Pile of Grant Submissions
Tackle Multiple Challenges Facing Today’s NonProfits with One Solution
  • Evaluate grantee proposals
  • Manage Letter of Inquiries
  • Use a dynamic scoring template to rank grantees
Track Grantee Expenses
Keep a Close Eye on Expenses Incurred by Grantees
  • Leverage NetSuite’s full Vendor Management capability to include grantee details
  • Track expense details with NetSuite’s custom transactions
Manage Funding
Promote Funding to Specific Grantees
  • Target grantees and promote awareness of funding that you have to offer
  • Link opportunities to program, initiatives, subawards, and grantees
PyanGo SubAward Management
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