PyanGo’s SubAward Management for NetSuite

PyanGo SubAward Management for NetSuite

Allocate and Monitor Awards to Outside Organizations
PyanGo’s SubAward Management for NetSuite provides the necessary financial tools to manage subaward and pass-through grants. It enables organizations to allocate a portion of their grant award to an outside individual or an organization. It helps nonprofit organizations accurately monitor the progress of initiatives and allows for an easy roll-up of sub-award expenses to the primary (inbound) grant award.
Manage All SubAward Details
  • Apply milestones, terms and conditions, and specify budgets for pass through grants
  • Link outbound grants to fund sources, programs, initiatives, and projects
  • Allocate spending percentages
  • Make payments to grantees
  • Record expense report data
Reduce Your Pile of Grant Submissions
Tackle Multiple Challenges Facing Today’s NonProfits with One Solution
  • Evaluate grantee proposals
  • Manage Letter of Inquiries
  • Use a dynamic scoring template to rank grantees
Track Grantee Expenses
Keep a Close Eye on Expenses Incurred by Grantees
  • Leverage NetSuite’s full Vendor Management capability to include grantee details
  • Track expense details with NetSuite’s custom transactions
Manage Funding
Promote Funding to Specific Grantees
  • Target grantees and promote awareness of funding that you have to offer
  • Link opportunities to program, initiatives, subawards, and grantees
PyanGo Subaward management for NetSuite
PyanGo SubAward Management
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