The Power of Precise Budgetary Control in a Cash Crunch Era

By: Rich Uphus | December 12, 2023

ARTICLE – Today, economic uncertainty has become synonymous with the COVID-19 era. Most businesses, from budding start-ups to established conglomerates, are still feeling the effects of the pandemic. With no clear indication of when demand and supply chains will re-stabilize, businesses need to revisit their financial strategies.

A recent study by the Institute of Finance and Management (IOFM) unveils the depth of this predicament. Astonishingly, two-thirds of organizations are resorting to drastic spending cuts due to the financial aftershocks of the pandemic. But here’s the paradox: a majority grapple with expenditure control even among businesses with robust spend management programs in place (a significant 74%, based on IOFM data). Why is this?

The chief issue appears to be a widespread lack of real-time visibility into corporate spending. It’s hard to fathom that despite massive investments in enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, 46% of organizations surveyed during the IOFM virtual town hall revealed a fragmented grasp of their financial operations. In times of financial crisis, the limitations of traditional ERPs become glaringly obvious.

They often fail to provide:

    • An all-encompassing budget oversight and transparency.
    • An accurate forecast of potential financial commitments in the procurement funnel.
    • Budget status insights before making supplier commitments.

Budget control solutions are emerging as a beacon of hope in this complex landscape. They are designed to integrate seamlessly with legacy ERP systems and provide granular, transaction-level control against preset budgets. These tools are engineered for real-time operation, monitoring every financial commitment from the beginning to the end of the procurement lifecycle.

Mike Canniff, the visionary CEO and founder of PyanGo, emphasizes the urgency and importance of such solutions. He remarks, “In a climate where economic predictability is thrown out the window, real-time budgetary control transitions from an asset to a fundamental need. Our objective is clear – empower organizations to preempt potential financial pitfalls and refine their procurement strategies. Our Automated Budgetary Control for NetSuite embodies this vision, granting organizations a tool to navigate these choppy economic waters.”

Statistics from 2022 bolster Canniff’s sentiments. Research indicates that businesses implementing budgetary control solutions witnessed a marked 15% dip in unforeseen spending and a commendable 20% enhancement in procurement efficiency.

Elaborating on the features of these cutting-edge solutions showcases their profound relevance in today’s scenario. They are equipped to initiate budget checks when a purchase order is drafted. This translates to an in-built mechanism that instantly highlights any budget discrepancies, dramatically reducing the threat of unplanned expenditure overruns. Furthermore, by weaving best practices into the procurement process, these solutions amplify procurement governance, a pressing requirement in today’s financial environment.

But to truly comprehend the gravity of the situation, one must look at the confessions made by organizations about their spending habits and control. A worrying 44% admit their service-related spending is a blind spot, and another 35% concede that their management of indirect materials expenditure is subpar. This paints a telling picture of the vast opportunities in adopting these budgetary control tools.

Redirecting into Growth and Innovation
While the economic tremors of COVID-19 continue to test businesses worldwide, the solutions to counteract these challenges are within reach. Advanced budgetary control solutions, epitomized by platforms like PyanGo’s offering for NetSuite, offer a lifeline. They arm businesses with the analytical depth and controls essential to not just stay afloat but to harness the turbulence and redirect it into avenues of growth and innovation. Through adversity, with the right tools, resilience shines brightest.

Going Forward
As businesses evolve, so should their financial tools. Automated Financial Planning and Control Solutions are not just a trend but a tangible shift towards a more efficient, precise, and future-ready financial ecosystem. For companies aiming for sustainable growth, embracing this new paradigm is less of a choice and more of a necessity.

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