2023 Top Technology Challenges Facing Grants Administrators

ARTICLE — In 2023, grant administrators face many technology challenges. These challenges include the need to move to the cloud, meet the demands to become more digital, improve data security, integration with multiple systems, need accurate real-time data, and ability to manage more data.

Navigating Non-Profit and Charitable Fund Accounting in 2023

ARTICLE — 56% of non-profit organizations struggle with financial reporting and accounting. Additionally, the Non-profit Finance Fund’s State of the Non-profit Sector Survey revealed that 41% of non-profits face economic sustainability challenges, with the need to diversify revenue sources being a significant concern.

The Importance of Outcome Measurement and Reporting for Securing Future Funding

ARTICLE — In grant funding, demonstrating the impact of funded programs is essential for securing future funding. Donors and foundations want measurable results and outcomes, and organizations that fail to provide these metrics risk losing out on future funding opportunities.