Budget control for NetSuite

The Power of Precise Budgetary Control in a Cash Crunch Era

ARTICLE — Two-thirds of organizations are resorting to drastic spending cuts due to the financial aftershocks of the pandemic. But here’s the paradox: a majority grapple with expenditure control even among businesses with robust spend management programs in place (a significant 74%, based on IOFM data). Why is this?

The Digital Pivot: How Automated Financial Planning Transforms Business Efficiency

ARTICLE — Automated Financial Planning and Control Solutions are not just a trend but a tangible shift towards a more efficient, precise, and future-ready financial ecosystem. For companies aiming for sustainable growth, embracing this new paradigm is less of a choice and more of a necessity. Learn how to automate your budgetary control process from end to end.

Mastering Budgets in Project-Based Organizations: Key Decisions That Define Your Financial Path

ARTICLE — Many companies and industries function on a project-to-project basis—financial diligence becomes the bedrock of success. A paramount concern is how an organization manages its spend and straying off track can be financially disastrous. Budgetary control can guide a project to prosperity.