Streamlining Grants Management

ARTICLE — Streamlining Grants Management – How The Cincinnati-Hamilton County Community Action Agency Achieved Greater Efficiency, Compliance, and Financial Health through Automation. CHCCAA is a prime example of an organization that has turned challenges into opportunities for growth and efficiency. Learn about CHCCAA’s transformative journey towards automating and streamlining its grants management processes by leveraging the power of PyanGo in conjunction with NetSuite.

Grant Management Efficiency, PyanGo

Managing Grants with Innovation

ARTICLE — The Kessler Foundation stands as a beacon of hope for individuals with disabilities, dedicated to fostering positive change through scientific research and grant funding. This article delves into the Foundation’s innovative approach to overcoming the challenges of managing its dual role as both a recipient and provider of grants, highlighting the strategic solutions it adopted. Embracing NetSuite and PyanGo, they revolutionized their approach, enhancing efficiency and impact in disbursing funds.

Mastering Grants Management in 2024

ARTICLE — The landscape of grant management in 2024 presents a complex array of challenges for nonprofits and academic institutions, exacerbated by increased competition for funds and the stringent demands of grant compliance. Oracle NetSuite ERP + PyanGo offers nonprofits and educational institutions a revolutionary approach to grants management that streamlines operations, enhances compliance, and maximizes efficiency.