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Built on the Oracle NetSuite Platform

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PyanGo Automated Budgetary Control for NetSuite proactively manages spend and budgets to eliminate overages

World-class Grants Accounting for All Types of Non Profits

PyanGo Automated Grants Management for NetSuite manages, tracks and reports across a grant’s entire life cycle
Focus on Meeting Goals,
Instead of Accounting Administration
We enable Oracle NetSuite customers to spend on the right things at the right time. Our solution, built on the NetSuite platform, empowers you to control expenditures and maximize the value of dollars spent. PyanGo’s team has a combined 50+ years of experience in delivering quality products. Our solutions will allow you to focus less on accounting and more on meeting your goals.
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Financial solutions for advertising firms
Advertising and Media
With most projects requiring numerous resources, suppliers, and expenses, complexity is high and prone to cost overruns. PyanGo’s Advertising and Media solution allows firms to automate the entire procurement and expense report cycle seamlessly within NetSuite to ensure on-budget results and meet client expectations.
Construction projects need to keep close track of expenses. These project expenses form the project budget, which is used as a baseline for spending. As expenses are incurred, PyanGo protects against budget overruns throughout the procurement process. PyanGo also supports Construction-in-Progress (CIP) accounting so that all expenses can be booked to a single account and managed according to department, location, or other segmentation.
Whether doing encumbrance accounting or managing grants, PyanGo’s Education solution is there to support. Complete funding and expenditure tracking are provided, and full encumbrance accounting requirements are met. Now, you can focus on driving your mission while we support your accounting processes.
From educational institutions and research institutions to art groups and social agencies and everything in between, PyanGo understands the nuances of non-profits and their accounting needs. We’ve built a financial management solution with the unique needs of non-profit and community organizations in mind. PyanGo has created the perfect accounting system for non-profit organizations, emphasizing accountability rather than profitability.
PyanGo Retail provides a complete revenue-to-expense solution that automates real-time spending controls seamlessly within NetSuite. It automatically tracks operational expenses and ensures departments stay within their monthly budgets and committed, obligated, and invoiced amounts are always tracked with an extensive audit trail.
Software companies incur a wide variety of expenses, ranging from payroll to online cloud services. Payroll tends to be the most significant budget impact, especially when payroll is charged to specific projects or development efforts, and cloud services, booked in advance with annual subscriptions, can be challenging to accounting. PyanGo keeps these expenses in line with budgetary control.
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