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By: Rich Uphus | April 23, 2024

How The Cincinnati-Hamilton County Community Action Agency Achieved Greater Efficiency, Compliance, and Financial Health through Automation

In nonprofit organizations, efficiently managing grants is both necessary and challenging, especially for entities dealing with a vast array of federal funds and complex job-costing requirements. The Cincinnati-Hamilton County Community Action Agency (CHCCAA), a key player in the fight against poverty, is a prime example of an organization that has turned these challenges into opportunities for growth and efficiency. This article explores CHCCAA’s transformative journey towards automating and streamlining its grant management processes, leveraging the power of PyanGo in conjunction with NetSuite.

Founded in 1964, the CHCCAA is part of the nationwide Community Action Network initiated under President Lyndon B. Johnson’s “War on Poverty” legislation. As a private, nonprofit organization, it delivers a wide range of services aimed at assisting individuals and families to climb out of poverty. CHCCAA has been at the forefront of Cincinnati and Hamilton County community service, from job training and housing assistance to Head Start early childhood education programs.

Identifying the Challenge
Historically, CHCCAA has managed its finances entirely by using paper-based systems. This method became increasingly untenable in the modern, fast-paced world. This issue came to a head during the COVID-19 pandemic, which necessitated a swift transition to remote work and highlighted the inefficiency of relying on paper records. The finance department, unable to operate remotely due to its paper-dependent processes, faced unique challenges that underscored the need for a paperless, more efficient system.

Embarking on a Solution
Pursuing a paperless environment led CHCCAA to implement the NetSuite ERP, a step towards modernizing its financial operations. However, it soon became clear that the specific needs of a nonprofit organization deeply entrenched in managing multiple federally funded grants with varying years and accounting periods required a more tailored solution. Enter PyanGo, a NetSuite-native financial solution recommended by a value-added consultant, is designed to extend NetSuite’s capabilities to meet the intricate demands of grant management and job costing.

The Transformation with PyanGo
PyanGo proved to be a pivotal element in CHCCAA’s quest to enhance its financial management system. By facilitating a more detailed and flexible job costing process and automating complex financial operations, PyanGo enabled CHCCAA to uphold the federal regulations governing the allocation of costs across numerous grants. This was particularly beneficial in handling indirect costs through a Provisional Actual Agreement with the federal government, allowing the organization to adjust provisional rates to actual costs efficiently.

Results and Impact
The implementation of PyanGo has led to significant improvements in CHCCAA’s financial management, particularly in efficiency and compliance. Chief Financial Officer Joan Proffitt commends PyanGo for its ability to adapt to the organization’s unique needs, emphasizing the substantial time and resource savings achieved through automation. The solution’s flexibility in managing distributions and customizing to CHCCAA’s specific processes has also been instrumental in streamlining operations, proving to be more cost-effective than hiring additional accounts payable clerks.

The Bigger Picture: Strengthening Financial Confidence
Beyond the operational efficiencies gained, CHCCAA’s enhanced financial management capabilities have broader implications for the organization’s reputation and trustworthiness among funders and grantors. A robust and efficient accounting system supports the organization’s mission. It builds confidence among stakeholders, facilitating smoother collaborations and funding opportunities.

A Blueprint for Nonprofits
CHCCAA’s journey from a paper-driven to a digitally streamlined operation serves as a blueprint for other nonprofit organizations facing similar challenges. By embracing technological solutions like PyanGo, nonprofits can significantly improve their grant management processes, ensuring greater efficiency, compliance, and financial health. As CHCCAA continues to evolve and expand its services, its financial management system stands as a testament to the power of innovation in supporting the vital work of community action agencies.

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