Evaluating a Tech Partner for a Financial Control Solution

By: Rich Uphus | April 4, 2023

Two professionals discuss how to sift through the many financial control solution partners to find the best ones.


ARTICLE  — It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all options when it comes to software for automated financial planning and control solutions. How do you evaluate all the possibilities and pick the best one?

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, read on. In this article, two professionals with experience in the field advise evaluating potential technical partners for automated financial control solutions with the NetSuite platform.

Are they experienced?

Saptarshi Bose, the solutions advisor at Oracle NetSuite Planning & Budgeting, says, “The important thing is the experience in working in this sort of a space.” You’ll want to evaluate whether the potential partner has the experience necessary to deliver a high-quality product and valuable customer service.

For a solution meant to integrate into an ERP, you’ll want to evaluate how much experience they have working with that specific ERP.

Are they certified?

One important thing to look at is certification, says Mike Canniff, CEO, and co-founder of PyanGo. For applications that work with NetSuite, there is a certification program that developers are required to complete periodically to ensure that they are releasing quality apps. “It requires every partner to be certified with each release,” Canniff explains, “so that’s a twice-a-year certification process.”

Applications can receive a badge designating them as “Native within this certification.” According to the NetSuite website, this indicates that the application fits the following definitions:

  • The entire solution resides on the SuiteCloud platform.
  • SuiteApp is deployed to customers’ accounts via the SuiteBundler.
  • All components are within the scope of BFN review.

You want a tech partner with Built for NetSuite certification and a Native badge to ensure a solution that you’re considering will integrate seamlessly with NetSuite certification.

What is their focus?

Canniff recommends that you consider the following question: “Is that company providing a service for several different ERP systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics and SAP, or are they focused on the NetSuite platform?” When a company is trying to work with many different ERPs, they risk spreading themselves too thin and not doing an excellent job with any ERP.

Bose agrees. “What we are seeing is that smaller partners focused on NetSuite deliver on these kinds of solutions because of their focus. And I think the focus is the key I would look for, rather than too much diversity.”

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