Automating and Controlling Spend Management in NetSuite

January 10, 2023

VIDEO — SUITEWORLD ON AIR 2021 – Class Presentation

Businesses are watching their spending more closely these days. But it is hard to keep expenses in check when you rely on spreadsheets to track budgets and spending.

One tech company learned this firsthand when the number of purchase orders it received increased five-fold in a matter of months.

Join us for this session and hear how NetSuite user and financial services technology firm Clip was able to take control of its spending and better allocate its resources by deploying an automated budgetary control solution.

What you will learn:

  • Why Clip chose PyanGo’s budgetary control solution for NetSuite
  • How automated Budgetary Control works natively in NetSuite
  • How an automated budgetary control solution helped Clip take control of its spending

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