Travel Authorization for NetSuite

PyanGo Travel Authorization for NetSuite

Simplify Expense Reporting and Reimbursement Processes
PyanGo Travel Authorization for NetSuite allows employers to issue employee travel advances to their employees in the currency of their choice in advance of their domestic or international business trips. Travel authorization will enable employees to easily access cash in the local currency of their destination for petty expenses.
Enhanced Travel Transparency
  • Allows employees to issue an Advance Return transaction which can return excess amounts back to the organization when expenses fall short of the advance
  • Monitors all advances issued to employees
  • Tracks all advance returns by an employee
Ideal for World Wide Travel
  • Applies advances made in any currency against the employee’s expenses through the standard NetSuite employee expense report page
  • Checks credit card fraud when employees use their personal cards internationally for expenses
Fully Integrated Workflow with Standard NetSuite Expense Reporting
  • Built on the Oracle NetSuite platform and works seamlessly with standard expense reports
  •  Supports approval of travel advances prior to business trips with pre-delivered workflows
  • Leverages NetSuite custom transaction capability with proper accounting for travel transactions
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