What are the “Best Practices” for Evaluating a Partner to Deploy an Automated Financial Planning and Control Solution?

January 24, 2023

VIDEO — What should organizations consider when pulling in an automated financial planning and control solution into their NetSuite ERP?

This might seem easy, but it’s actually much harder than you would think. Organizations need to be able to handle the complexities of their unique business models while still being flexible enough for future changes.

3 important considerations include —

For Application Selection

  • Is the Automated Financial Planning and Control solution a certified “Built for NetSuite” application? More specifically, is it natively built-in NetSuite?

For Technology Partner Selection

  • When finding a partner to help, investigate how long they have been in existence? How long have they been a NetSuite partner? And what is their industry experience? Many companies claim that they’re a NetSuite expert, but when it comes time to deliver, they fall short. They don’t have experience with your specific industry or business needs.
  • What is your technology partner’s focus? Do they provide services for several different ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics and SAP, or are they focused on the NetSuite platform? The problem is that most of these consulting partners don’t specialize in NetSuite. They’ve got multiple ERP products on their plate, and they’re not experts at any one of them. Smaller partners with a dedicated focus toward NetSuite can often be much more effective than larger partners with too much diversity.

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