The Rising Importance of NetSuite Financial Planning

By: Mark A. Brousseau | June 15, 2021

ARTICLE — Businesses have had to pivot at breakneck speed over the past six months to deal with the challenges of the pandemic. A chief concern is how to manage uncertainty with decisiveness. That is a top finding of the KPMG 2020 CEO Outlook COVID-19 Special Edition.

Financial planning is a lot harder when the economy and market conditions are changing fast. So, it is no surprise that 80 percent of business leaders surveyed by KPMG say that their business’ digital transformation initiatives accelerated during the pandemic.

Digital technologies such as budgetary control solutions are key to improving NetSuite financial planning and operational resilience in tough times. The technology checks budget availability prior to vendor obligation, provides visibility into potential actuals in the procurement pipeline, and offers complete budget visibility across the enterprise.

All this means that businesses can avoid the financial surprises that can trip them up. Business leaders are betting heavily on digital transformation to help guide them through the recession. NetSuite financial planning solutions are key to that transformation, positioning the business for success, no matter the economy.

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