Better Budgetary Control, Without Staff Retraining

January 12, 2021

VIDEO — Your employee’s plates are full.

  • New ways of working.
  • New challenges.
  • New compliance risks.
  • New reporting demands.

Few employees have the time to learn a new finance system, no matter the long-term payoff.

That is why finance professionals will be relieved to learn that there are automated budgetary control solutions available that are native in NetSuite. This means that organizations can gain the dramatic operational benefits of automated budgetary control, using familiar NetSuite screens and controls.

With an automated budgetary control solution built into NetSuite, finance professionals are automatically alerted when proposed purchases exceed the available budget. Unlike budgetary control solutions that reside outside of NetSuite, integrated solutions do not change a user’s day-to-day experience, with the exception that transactions will be tracked against budget availability.

Better budget performance without the need to retrain your entire staff on how to use the system.

Now that is different.

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