Automating Grants Management & Accounting – Best Practices for the Complete Grants Lifecycle

By Rich Uphus | 1:01:00

This course provides an overview of the general grant lifecycle, typical for federal, state, and foundation-related grants. It will focus on the different cost allocation methods that can be used to charge donors for reimbursements. Passthrough grants or sub-awards to grantees will be reviewed. Throughout the session, automating processes will be an underlying theme. The goal is to highlight where manual procedures can be automated to save time and reduce errors. Finally, the session will identify key features to look for when evaluating a grants management solution.

  • Understand the typical grants life cycle – from application to close
  • Identify typical grant-related data elements
  • Classify direct and indirect costs
  • Formulate indirect costs – multiple options (transactional, pooling, negotiated rates)
  • Specify a grant budget – typical expense categories. Enforce allowable expenses
  • Calculate effort reporting and certification process
  • Understand matching scenarios between grants
  • Specify grant closeout process
  • Understand pass-through grants or sub-award process
  • Evaluate what to look for in a software solution

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