How to Build a Winning Business Case for an Automated Budgetary Control Solution for NetSuite

By Mark Brousseau | 30:00

Reducing costs is a natural response to tough economic times. But that is easier said than done for most NetSuite customers. The root of the problem is that NetSuite customers do not have the budgetary control and visibility they need. The stakes are too high to let this go unchecked.

Watch this educational webinar and learn how automated budgetary control solutions help NetSuite customers manage spending tightly and take control of their budgets. Our panelists discuss:

  • The hidden costs of poor budgetary control
  • How to identify your spend management gaps
  • The most important features and functions in a budgetary control solution
  • The benefits of deploying an automated budgetary control solution
  • The importance of NetSuite integration and other critical technical considerations