Budgeting Best Practices – Begin to End

By Rich Uphus | 51:00

This course will review the best practices for establishing corporate wide budgets, forecasting, controlling and monitoring budgets in today’s business environment. We also review budgeting products with a focus on the NetSuite ERP system. An overview of the budgeting process will drive the topics from the initial creation of budgets to successful execution of the budget. Regardless of whether you are a NetSuite user or not, you will find this class presentation useful.



  • High-level Flow


C. STEP ONE – Budget Planing and Forecasting

  • Budget vs Forecast
  • Budget Areas
  • Budget Approaches
  • Planning Maturity
  • Traditional vs Rolling Forecast
  • Driver-based Forecasting
  • Off-the-Shelf Implementation Tips
  • Key Features for Budget Planning Tool
  • Budgeting UI

D. STEP TWO – Operational Control

  • Budget Enforcement
  • Encumbrance Accounting Terms
  • Complex Scenarios
  • Linking Multiple Level Budgets Together
  • Procurement Process
  • Real-time Budget Enforcement
  • Workflow-based Budget Enforcement
  • Budget Impact Audit Trail, Scheduled Alerts
  • Budget Adjustments

E. STEP THREE – Closing the Loop – Reporting

  • Typical Budget vs Actual
  • P&L Format
  • Other Variations – Budget vs Actual vs Forecast
  • Pivot by Period
  • Group by Account Type
  • Encumbrance Detail
  • Including Prior Year Actuals
  • Dashboard
  • Budget Dimensions

F. About PyanGo

If your business wants to improve its forecasting and budgeting, listen to PyanGo’s latest class presentation or request a personal demo?