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Managing Grants with Innovation

By: Rich Uphus | April 10, 2024

How The Kessler Foundation Streamlined Operations through Automation

ARTICLE  –The Kessler Foundation stands as a beacon of hope for individuals with disabilities, dedicated to fostering positive change through scientific research and grant funding. This article delves into the Foundation’s innovative approach to overcoming the challenges of managing its dual role as both a recipient and provider of grants, highlighting the strategic solutions it adopted for improved efficiency and impact.

Who is the Kessler Foundation?
The Kessler Foundation is a prominent American nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of people with disabilities. It achieves its mission through two critical paths: conducting pioneering research to enhance the quality of life for those with disabilities and providing grants to other organizations and programs to boost employment opportunities and this demographic’s overall well-being.

The Challenge: A Dual Role with Complex Needs
Managing grants is inherently complex, a challenge magnified for the Kessler Foundation due to its unique position in receiving and distributing grants. For over a decade, the Foundation grappled with an accounting system that fell short of meeting its intricate needs. Essential tasks such as generating financial reports and maintaining bank records had to be performed externally from their primary business software, complicating processes unnecessarily.

Finding the Solution: NetSuite and PyanGo
The turning point for the Foundation came with the discovery of NetSuite, a cloud-based software solution offering a comprehensive suite of business applications. Sharon Cross, VP of Finance at the Kessler Foundation, noted the immediate appeal of NetSuite’s ease of use and transparency, which promised a significant improvement over their existing system.

However, the Foundation’s distinctive grant management requirements called for unique capabilities beyond what NetSuite offers. Enter PyanGo, which has an advanced financial management solution tailored for NetSuite. PyanGo’s Automated Grants Management and Opportunity modules perfectly complement NetSuite, automating many of the Foundation’s critical processes and significantly reducing manual labor.

Impactful Results and Efficient Grant Management
Implementing NetSuite and PyanGo’s specialized modules brought immediate and tangible benefits to the Kessler Foundation. PyanGo’s Automated Grants Management streamlined process saved time and enhanced the efficiency of managing grants and opportunities. Matthew Weiner, an Administrator at the Foundation, highlighted the significant reduction in time spent on financial tasks, from hours to minutes, thanks to PyanGo’s automation.

Beyond Time Savings: Enhanced Capability and Transparency
The adoption of PyanGo’s solutions extended benefits beyond time savings. The grant management module facilitated better budget tracking and real-time data access, ensuring the Foundation remains within budget for its grants. Moreover, the system’s milestones and reminders feature has proven invaluable, ensuring timely compliance with due dates and milestones.

Reporting Dimensions and Information Access
One of the most anticipated outcomes of implementing PyanGo has been the ability to perform detailed accounting segment reporting (such department, grant and program). This capability allows the Foundation to accurately report across multiple dimensions about its research activities, enhancing strategic decision-making and demonstrating the organization’s impact in its research areas.

A Model of Innovation and Efficiency
The Kessler Foundation’s journey through grant management challenges exemplifies the power of strategic technological adoption in the nonprofit sector. By embracing innovative solutions like NetSuite and PyanGo, the Foundation has streamlined its operations and set a benchmark for efficiency and effectiveness in managing grants. This transformation ensures that the Foundation can continue its vital work, supporting individuals with disabilities through research and grant funding, with renewed vigor and capability.

In the broader context, the Kessler Foundation’s success story is an inspiring example for other nonprofits grappling with similar challenges. It underscores the importance of identifying and implementing tailored solutions that address an organization’s unique needs, ensuring it can fulfill its mission with greater impact and efficiency.

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